With a decade of professional experience working with Elasticsearch and deep understanding of how it works internally, I’ve helped many customers successfully with Elasticsearch-based solutions. I offer followings consulting services:

  • Architect search applications based on your specific use case, data volume, growth needs and business requirements.
  • Optimize queries, index mapping and tune relevancy for existing Elasticsearch implementations.
  • Tune, scale Elasticsearch clusters to meet your needs.
  • Migrate legacy search engines to Elasticsearch.
  • Develop Elasticsearch plugins.

What Customers Are Saying

Dang Phan, Product Manager at GO1.com

Duy helped solve our problem. As our product is growing, we need a new scalable and high performance search service for our complex data structure. Duy helped to architect our Elasticsearch service in the best way, which has resulted in a much better service for our clients. Everyone was happy with the end result.

Atul Signh, Founder & CEO at TheShelf.com

Duy is a perfect professional! He understands the inner workings of Elasticsearch system and was able to figure out our codebase and then make changes to it so that the performance was improved very quickly! He delivers on time and is always available and he always provides options for us to further improve the system.

Nick Herford, Founder at Ultimately Social

Outstanding performance by Duy. He’s the master of Elasticsearch. What’s more, he was very responsive, polite, professional and has perfect command of the English language. I wouldn’t hesitate one second to hire him again.

Are you interested in my consulting service?

Please send me an email to doquocduy [at] gmail [dot] com