Liferay Portal 4.3 Final was released yesterday. At work, I have to develop a server communicate with mobile device based-on Liferay portal. I’m very pleasure with this version of Liferay, mobile device is supported :-).

Below is its features & Road Map.


  • Portal Publishing & Staging Framework (Added Back)
  • Liferay Software Catalog
  • Provide a plug-in framework to install Liferay components
  • Sitemaps Protocol Support
  • Enterprise Search: OpenSearch Support
  • Microformat Support
  • Community-Scoped Roles (Sponsored Feature)
  • Multiple Enterprise Management, aka Dynamic Company Management (Added)
  • ICEfaces Integration for AJAX + JSF
  • Deprecate EJB services in favor of Spring POJO’s (Added)
  • Tag / Folksonomy and Asset Management Framework (Sponsored Feature)
  • Expose REST-style JSON Web Services (Added)
  • Javascript Client Libraries for JSON Web Services (Added)
  • LAR Import / Export for Themes (Sponsored Feature)
  • PHP and Ruby Support (Added)


  • Enterprise Password Policy Management w / Provisioning to LDAP (Added, Sponsored Feature)
  • Active Directory Single-SignOn via NTLM (Added)
  • OpenID Enabled SSO

Performance improvements

  • Database tuning
  • Scalability – optimize memory usage


  • Microsoft Exchange, iCal Support – Import / Export from Calendar Portlet (Added)

  • Yahoo Maps

  • Full WebDAV Support

  • Context-Sensitive Help

  • Liferay Eclipse

    • Portlet Development
    • Portlet Deployment
  • Portlets

    • Address Book
    • Tags Admin (Sponsored Feature)
    • Tags Content (Sponsored Feature)
    • Tagify Existing Portlets (Sponsored Feature)
    • PHP and Ruby Sample Portlets (Added)
    • Sample ICEfaces Portlet (Added)
  • Themes/Layout

    • Role-base Theme Management (Sponsored Feature)
    • Standardize on jQuery JavaScript Framework (Added)
    • Simplify Theme Development Process (Added)
    • Semantic and Non-Obtrusive Markup
    • Standards Compliance
    • Free-form (WebOS) Layout
    • Link to Layout Type
    • Mobile Device Support (Added, Sponsored Feature)